Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Little Red Hens

Located  on 2nd avenue between 85 and 86 street, this quaint little shop has some of the best cupcakes the city has to offer. Two Little Red Hens is a bakery with cakes, pies, scones, muffins, and most of all, their unbelievably delicious cupcakes. Whether you opt for  the classic flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet or the more unique flavors of raspberry, carrot cake, and marble, Two Little Red Hens has it all. Some other great aspects is the quick service, take-out option, and friendly staff. The delectable cupcakes come in two sizes; a small or a large. To learn more about Two Little Red Hens, make sure to visit their online website. To make sure that the cupcakes are all that they are whirled up to be, my friend Jared went to go check it out, being "forced" by me to eat two mouthwatering cupcakes, even though that is such hard "work." *Note* Me and Jared created a harsh grading system among the best cupcakes of the city on a one to five sprinkle (instead of star) basis, with five being the holy grail of all cupcakes.

Cupcake Number One: Mini Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting-
Jared Says, "The cupcake has a moist, soft, and  sweet texture and the flavor is strong with a hint of chocolate. The cream cheese frosting balances it off nicely with a rich, thick, and creamy taste. I give this cupcake four sprinkles."
Rating: Four Sprinkles.
Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Photo Taken By Jared Axelowitz
Cupcake Number Two:  Mini Vanilla Cupcake topped with a Chocolate Frosting and Sprinkles-
Jared Says, "The cupcake is light and airy with a very nice texture, but the chocolate frosting overpowers the vanilla. The sprinkles gives the cupcake a nice crunch."
Rating: Three Sprinkles.
Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting
Photo Taken by Jared Axelowitz


  1. LOVE IT!!! i'm so hungry now!